With Motorola Reeling, Google’s Motorola Is Increasing Its Workforce


Looks like one giant’s gain is another giant’s loss. According to a new report emerging form the Financial Post, Motorola, Google’s smartphone subsidiary is to embark on a hiring spree in Waterloo, at the very backyard of BlackBerry’s Headquarters. After confirming that it made a $1 billion loss and that it would be laying off around 4,500 staff in the near future, BlackBerry is definitely going to take on a shed some weight.


While Motorola already has a small team over in Waterloo, they are looking to create a proper team of engineers in the area. While the Google company would not explicitly state that its decision was based on the announcement made by BlackBerry, it said that “it’s not always easy to find places that have significant tech talent in a variety of areas, but especially mobile.” Obviously, the company that employs the largest amount of engineers focused on Mobile technology would most likely be BlackBerry.


Waterloo has emerged as a very important startup ecospace with very strong venture capitalist (VC) funding and a high demand for engineering talents to develop their new products. This has placed the graduates of the University of Waterloo in a very privileged position. There is bound to be stiff competition for these graduates.


Google is not alone in this move however, as Square has also announced the intention to open offices in the area. The competition provided by these companies would hopefully soak up the effect of BlackBerry’s massive layoff.


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