MTN Now Has More Than 10,000 Base Stations in Nigeria


Over the weekend, MTN Nigeria announced that it now boasts 10,000 base stations all over the country. This is a significant achievement as it would be the first telecommunications company to achieve this feat. The company believes this will help provide a better quality of service to its customers.

The Chief Executive Officer of MTN Nigeria, Michael Ikpoki said recently that the area of customer experience is one of the major areas the company is focused on. He believes that by investing aggressively in the network, capacity can be ramped up which would lead to a better service quality.


Speaking of numbers, MTN Nigeria has hit a number of milestones lately, one being the installation of additional switching centres and almost 20,000 kilometres of fibre-optic cable all over the country. He said, “In the last few months, we have ramped up our rollout. Last month we had a record rollout figure and we are currently rolling out up to 300 sites a month to make sure that we have enough capacity. We are getting more head-room, more dormant capacity in the network. That way, we can carry more traffic and give our customers a decent quality of service on a consistent basis. Indeed, there has been noticeable improvement and this will continue.”


“If you look at our investment portfolio from inception till now, MTN has invested more than a trillion naira. From whichever angle you look at it, by normal indices in terms of investment ratio, in most emerging markets, any ratio above 15-17 percent of revenue is a decent ratio in terms of investment,” He added.


Let’s hope this leads to better service from MTN.


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